Best and Biggest Pizza Manteca Offers

The Biggest Pizza in the Area with the Taste to Match!!!


We don't know where these people find chickens so small to give us wings like these, but we sure don't mind. Available in traditional SPICY or in our BBQ sauce. Baked here at the store, not deep fried. Can you say JUICY!?!

Bocci Bits

We never said we had the best dough around. All our customers did. So, lets have fun with it. Now served with Cinnamon and Icing or with Garlic Butter and Parmesan Cheese. Can you say cheese please?

Rice Bowls

Added to the menu as a request of our customers. Always asking for just some chicken with some rice. So, we now serve a chicken and veggie rice bowl. All from the same great ingredients!!!


Dough made from scratch with the finest ingredients. Our cheese does not come shredded from a supplier. We shred it fresh here. As well as our toppings. Picked up from the Farmers Market in the Bay Area and sliced here at the store.

Oven Baked Subs

Large list of baked subs to choose from. All ingredients spiced and prepared here at the store. Nothing fried, nothing frozen and laid on top of the best sour dough bread we could find.

Halal Kabobs

Halal meat blended with our favorite blend of spices. We don't use measure spoons or cups. This is authentic. Blended until it smells perfect. Knowing it will taste even better when done!!!